Mt. Hood Nordic's programs are held at Teacup's venue.  Our offerings aim to help skiers of all ages and abilities enjoy nature, become better cross county skiers and live the healthy lifestyle encouraged by outdoor sport.  We support non-competitive and competitive opportunities; join us!

We take two general approaches, each tailored for the realities of being an adult or a student / youth / junior... learn more at:

Youth & Junior Program Options 

Adult Program Options 

When opting to participate in any of our program activities, you waive various legal rights; you can learn more here.

A quick note about refunds or discounted rates:  Except for rare occurrences, we do not do them.  

This is because we have developed our programs to align with our nonprofit's objectives, like enabling experiences that help people learn and love Nordic skiing, being outside in the winter in nature, living a healthy life, etc.  This journey is not quick and easy, which is why it is so rewarding, and why we ask for your commitment as well.  Separate, but equally importantly, we need to count on your fees so we can commit many months ahead to our top-quality, experienced, and committed coaches.  In this way, we live out our values of being a reasonable, living-wage employer.  We recognize this may not be what you want to hear.  But in the end, thank you for understanding that we are a public benefit nonprofit. And so if you can't make use of all of your sessions (or your kids sessions) - you are essentially donating it towards the broader work we accomplish as a community.   

Speaking of top-quality, committed coaches...

Meet Coach Karl Andersson

Meet Coach Jason Lemieux 

Meet Coach Kelly Ryan


Meet Coach Siri Bohacek