The purpose of the Mt Hood Nordic apparel line is to offer Nordic specific items to our skiing community.  Teacup Nordic is presenting Mt Hood Nordic as the club of our area.  We wanted to create a club that was inclusive to all Nordic skiers in the Mt Hood Area.  Also for those who travel for racing and other events, Mt Hood is a easy landmark to associate with our area. 

The apparel items we have chose to brand with our design, colors and logos are high end apparel that we know works and lasts for many seasons.  Inspired by the colors of our beautiful venue, we think it looks pretty good as well!  The prices for these unique items are set to cover our costs of getting it made.

Many of our own community have made this possible.  After All Studio and Colby Brooks Design for the vision and design work.  Season sponsor DLR Nordic Volvo for the financial support. 

Thanks for representing, see you on the trails!