The Mt Hood Nordic apparel line brings the same World Cup ski gear you see on TV to our local community.   Be it at Teacup, Meadows, Bachelor or the Birkie and beyond, be part of the Mt Hood Nordic club!  All are welcomed; our goal is to bring together all Nordic skiers in the Mt Hood Area.  We have what skiers need, at great prices.


       Zip up sweatshirt              Pull over sweatshirt                    Training t-shirt


                  Buff                                Warm Hat                            Training Hat


Lightweight training jacket               Warm Jacket                      Training Pants


           Race tights                            Race top



       Casual T-shirt



The design and cut combined with Craft's top quality, ski specific apparel delivers 'what works' - stuff to wear all the time for many seasons.  Inspired by the myriad colors seen at our beautiful venue, we think it looks pretty good as well!  Pricing is set to cover our costs to deliver community apparel.  And thank you to our community members who helped make this possible:  After All StudioColby Brooks Design and DLR Nordic Volvo

Thanks for representing, see you on the trails!