Adult Programs- Ski School & Club


Crafted to work for beginning and casual skiers to experienced racers aiming for a faster Birkie, we curate year-round opportunities to help stay in shape, improve skiing technique and hang out with great people.  This year Mt Hood Nordic is offering two distinct options to meet wide range of abilities and interests:

The Ski School  offers technique focused instruction to novice to intermediate skiers in either (or both) classic or skate specific sessions. New this year- Weekday session!

The Club follows the traditional, community-led model of a "ski club".  This option gives intermediate to expert skiers season-long access to quick technique cues and refreshers, suggested workouts, and a community to ski and connect with. If you are an experienced skier, this is a place to meet and train with others.  If you are an intermediate skier looking for community and a chance to improve, here is the place to find the best skiers and ski behind them, learning from each other!  

Schedule  Skill level Coach instruction

Classic or Skate?

Ski School 9:30 AM Sunday mornings in Jan. and Feb. (with invitation to join Club ski once comfortable) New this year!-Weekday option Novice to Intermediate 6 x 90 minute sessions  Sign up is available for one or both: 3 sessions each discipline
Mt Hood Nordic Club 9:00 AM Sunday mornings, 4:30 PM Wednesday evenings all season Intermediate to Expert 15 minute "quick hit" every Sunday + one-on-one options

Your choice, there will be  discipline and workout suggestions 


Adult programing is available for people 16 years and up.  Depending on experience levels, sometimes as adult program might be a better fit for a teenager who is new to skiing.  Please contact us with any questions! Email so our coaches can get in touch!

Our schedule is here and is updated frequently.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with what is happening.  We have many roller ski and dryland workouts coming up in October, and November before the snow starts to pile up!  Be ready for the season- join us!

Rental equipment is not available at Teacup Nordic Ski Area.  We recommend renting or purchasing Nordic skiing equipment at one of our local ski shops.  We are not able to offer "first time on skis" or beginner lessons.  Check out resources for gear and lessons on the Nordic Skiing Resources page.