2024 Mt Hood Nordic Adult Ski School

Returning this season we have two distinct technique focused sessions based on discipline-Classic or/and Skate.  The sessions will alternate weekends, you will receive exercises and drills to work on and continue to progress until the next session.  Sign up for both and fully immerse yourself in the nordic experience with coached sessions (alternating disciplines) each weekend and suggested exercises to build stamina, balance, and strength throughout the season. If you want to only explore one discipline, such as only skate skiing, no problem!  Just sign up for your chosen session and you will have the exercises and drills to help your progress until the next coached session of that discipline. 

Schedule - Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM

Classic Sessions  Skate Sessions
1/7 1/14
1/21 1/28
2/4 2/18
Make up/extra credit for all 2/25


New this year and for those sho can ski midday, midweek- the Weekday School!

What you receive:

  • Three 1.5 hour coached sessions per discipline (classic and/or skate)+ optional group ski with the coaches after the session
  • Suggested ski specific strength and balance workouts to work on the off week-end
  • Invitation to the Mt Hood Nordic Club group skis on Wednesday evenings throughout the season and Sundays after the coached sessions end.
  • Waxing and ski tuning clinics and equipment Q and A sessions throughout the season.

All sessions meet at Teacup at the Mt Hood Nordic Waxing shed near the bathrooms on Sundays at 9:30.  Sessions will last 9:30-11 AM.  Join for an optional group ski with coaching team after the coached session. Think of setting a goal, for instance the Teacup Classic on February 11, and the Teacup Skate Race on March 23 - both coached sessions are designed to finish before the respective race. You will be ready!

Sessions are divided into experienced novice and intermediate groups.  At this time we do not offer first time on skis, beginner lessons. Sessions take place throughout the trail system, so you must be able to ski to get there! Here are some definitions of experienced novice and intermediate ability levels so you can be sure this is right for you:

  • Experienced Novice- You are new to Nordic skiing but have been a handful of times or you have been away for awhile.  You can ski from place to place on most of the Teacup trail system but have a desire to ski athletically and improve.  You likely already have taken some lessons and are familiar with the basics and have (or have access to) performance oriented gear.  Our team is experienced and led by US Ski and Snowboard Certified Nordic Ski Coaches. We will get you moving with confidence and knowledge to ski effectively and efficiently this season and beyond!  

  • Intermediate-  You are confident of the basics, and are able to ski all of the Teacup trail system but want to ski faster and explore proper technique.  You feel like there is something more you could gain with learning modern ski technique, skills and training. 

If you have an older teenager who is a novice skier, this is most likely the best program to introduce them to Nordic skiing instead of the youth programs.  Email kelly@teacupnordic.org to discuss this or any other questions. 

With purchase of this program, you are agreeing to Teacup Nordic's Legal Liability and Waiver Agreement