Early Season Updates

December 01, 2020

Early Season Updates

1st Dec 2020

Dear Teacup Skiing Community, 

What a start to our year!  Amazing snowfall has delivered superb trail conditions.  We are grooming extra-wide to help enable COVID distancing protocols and to provide more room for the increased skiers enjoying the healthy lifestyle that is Nordic skiing.  Please take a second to review these quick reminders:


  1. Masks are required inline and when using the toilet
  2. Please wear a mask or keep your buff pulled up when near other skiers on the trails. Ideally, please stand 6-feet or more away when congregating
  3. Take a second to refer to our full COVID risk reduction approach by reviewing this page



Our early season snow and extra grooming is wonderful, but it costs money!  Please take a second to purchase your annual Teacup ski season pass now here. Almost all of this money goes to the basic elements you enjoy: grooming, bathrooms, etc.



We expect to use Strava to enable various challenges throughout the season (i.e. time trials, hill climbs, total distance & hours skied.)  We have identified ways for skiers of all ages & abilities to engage in the spirit and camaraderie of competition, while being COVID-safe!  More details will be announced soon.



Our junior and adult coaching had a ‘soft-start’ this past Sunday.  Please join us next Sunday at 9:00 am.  We meet at Nordic Junction (just 1 KM away from the Cabin where we have enough area to ensure social distancing.)  It’s helpful to let us know you are coming by emailing: masters@teacupnordic.com For those excited to work towards becoming a faster and/or more skilled junior or adult nordic skier, regular coaching is a must.  If so, please consider signing up for our programs ($350 for adults, $400 for juniors.)  Know the entire sign-up fee goes to pay for those taking time to teach you!



Now that Mt. Hood Meadows has opened, please consider using Highway 35 instead of Highway 26 to more evenly balance traffic loads.  The parking lot is regulated and operated by the Oregon Department of Transportation, just like all sno-parks on the mountain.  It will continue to “fill up” by 10am on peak days so please plan to drop off your gear and then enjoy a longer walk to/from the other nearby sno-parks.  Your Board is working to address capacity issues, but it is a long regulatory process so thank you for your understanding. 


Without the Cabin this year, we can’t offer a lost & found box for this season. We ask the community to use their best judgement if they find something - either leave on the Cabin Porch or post to Gorge.net or craigslist classified. Likewise, if you lose something, please check the classified listings. 



You are skiing in the wilderness. Rescue can take more than an hour -- be prepared.  Call 911 to assist in rescue; AT&T and Sprint provide the best cell coverage. When ski patrol is not on duty: you can access a rescue sled located in the Ray Garey cabin under the marked bench.  There is an emergency phone in the cabin near the door; use for 911 only.