Interested in volunteering with Teacup? 

Step 1:

Sign up to receive Teacup emails and follow our Instagram to learn about volunteer opportunities! This is how we call out for volunteers to help with trail building, cabin maintenance, the youth program, races and events, board of directors and committees, and many other things.

Sign Up to welcome venue visitors!  Greet, orient, remind them to pay the trail fees and park efficiently... all essential elements as our nonprofit enjoys more and more usership!   

If you have a particular interest or skill, email info@teacupnordic.org with Volunteer in the subject line and tell us about how you would like to contribute. 

We also need donations to help sustain our facilities and programs.  Your donations directly support our 20+ kilometers of expertly groomed trails, cozy cabin, fun races, and family-friendly events.  Donate here!