Teacup Nordic Warm Training Jacket

Time to upgrade from your running or cycling kit?  Or retire your 1990's VO2Max jacket?  Good news - We have partnered with Craft to create custom designed apparel!  

Craft makes some of the nicest, most usable and versatile XC ski specific clothing (and it'll make you ski faster too..!)  This jacket is best if you get cold even while skiing.  (Or if you just like looking good while hanging out at Nordic Junction.)  More wind proof and weather resistant than our EXC Light jacket option, its a warmer soft shell that is still cut for movement.  

And always remember - add or remove base layers to match the temperature!  

For something designed towards higher-energy training, check out our EXC Light Jacket.

Size chart

**if you select "pick up" as your shipping option, expect an email regarding coordinating a time and place.  Inventory is not held at the address listed.**



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