Teacup Nordic Race Suits (jersey and/or tights)

Check out our brand new race suit design - inspired by Mt Hood's colors: stormy dark blue skies, old growth Doug Fir greens and pinks reminiscent of early morning and sunset alpenglow.  Teacup is truly a beautiful place to ski!

Remember - this isn't just for racing! Geat for layering and by themselves for warm spring days.  Feel free to wear them as a kit or separates.  Represent on Fall runs and dry land workouts with Teacup tights. Yoga anyone? 

Please note to order both top and bottoms for the complete kit

Please reference the size guide and know this is Craft's "normal" (PXC) cut.  (Not their uber-tight world cup racing cut - because not all of us physically resemble Klaebo or Jesse.)  But we can custom order that cut if there is interest; please email us to let us know as that cut is also much thinner and so better for warm weather racing.

Size Chart

**if you select "pick up" as your shipping option, expect an email regarding coordinating a time and place.  Inventory is not held at the address listed.**



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