Jan 31st Skate Race

January 26, 2021

Jan 31st Skate Race

A 10KM Skate Race will take place at Teacup on Sunday 31st January in the afternoon.

  • Juniors race from 3pm to 4p
  • Adults (via Strava) race before or after; here is the 1 lap and here is the 3 lap/10km Strava segment 

This course is “almost” a FIS-legal 3.3KM loop (translation: it's not easy.)  Test your mettle against what the World Cup skiers race!!

  • Under age 14 will do one lap 3.3KM
  • Under age 16 will do two laps 6.6KM
  • Everyone else will do three laps: 10KM

Junior racer results will be recorded & distributed by each team’s coach.  For adults, please upload your race file later in the day to Strava.  Ensure you have joined the Teacup Nordic Strava Club; this is where we can compare results.  We will use Teacup’s social media for kudos to those who excelled… perhaps in more ways than “how fast.”  

Be COVID-Considerate:

1)  Avoid congregating before or after to prevent groups from being formed

2)  Allow at least 1 minute spacing from you to the person in front of you.  Keep the waiting line short; just keep warming up going down and back on nearby until its your turn (for juniors) or you see an open slot (for adults).

  1. If you are being passed, old-school rules apply.  YOU move to the side when the faster skier yells “TRACK” or “HUP!”  This will keep us socially-distanced.
  2. Where a mask at start/finish area or when standing around.

If you plan to be out there to support and cheer, PLEASE wear your mask.  And PLEASE keep all sentiment positive / supportive!

Not racing; thanks for staying off race trails (which will be marked) and your support!