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Fall Volunteer Work Party on October 5 - Join us!

October 02, 2019

Fall Volunteer Work Party on October 5 - Join us!

As the ski season approaches, Teacup is working to get the ski area and the Ray Garey cabin ready for skiers. In order to get everything ready, we are asking for some volunteers to help out. The Teacup trail team is planning a Teacup Firewood Work Party on October 5th, 9 am to 1 pm the Teacup Lake Ski Area. We need to clean up the cabin basement and stack 3 cords of wood so we can keep the cabin warm throughout the winter.

In order to complete the work on the 5th, we need 6 – 12 volunteers. No particular skills are needed to carry wood and clean up the cabin. We just ask that folks bring work gloves and be dressed for any type of weather. We will also need some wheelbarrows to haul from the wood pile to the cabin.

If you would like to volunteer, please RSVP by email to: Teacuptrails@gmail.com, or call/text Leif Hovin at (503) 245-3822. (same contact info for questions, too.)