COVID-19 Guidelines Updates

November 07, 2021

COVID-19 Guidelines Updates

As we head into the 2021/22 season, please remember to:

Respect social distance norms.  It’s a big, beautiful mountain… spread out!

Wear your mask when not skiing and amid others.  For example, while using or waiting for toilets.

Thank you for staying out of the cabin unless you really need it.  We understand how helpful it is for families with kids, but for now we are keeping it closed to the general public until state mandates and infection rates lessen.   Please respect the cabin is for authorized users like Teacup Staff, Ski Patrol, pre-approved parties or skiers with emergent need for shelter.  

Programs and races will follow State and US Ski COVID recommendations.

Our Teacup & Mt. Hood Nordic coaches and staff are vaccinated.  We have asked Mt. Hood Ski Patrol that those persons patrolling at our venue be vaccinated.  Please respect their health by wearing a mask and keeping social distance.  Please explain to your kids this is important.

Concerns or questions?  Reach out: Email