March 01, 2022

In line with updated federal and state health guidelines, we are excited to reopen the cabin for public use!  

When we made the decision to keep it closed at the start of the year, we promised to monitor the situation and adapt as conditions evolved.  We know its closure negatively impacted many of our skier families.  Now that we have plenty of effective vaccines and antiviral therapies available, and OHSU models estimating approximately 86% of Oregonians have some level of immunity, we feel it reasonable to welcome those who opt in to use the cabin as you normally would.  

We will plan to keep the windows open to improve ventilation.  (Cold? just move closer to the wood stove!)  And we ask those who don't mind to keep your belongings outside to let families and kiddos enjoy a break without the cabin being too crowded.  Finally, while not required, why not pull up that buff when inside and talking wax-o-the-day?  And keep using hand sanitizer, just like your mother taught you to do!  Let's help our community avoid COVID, Influenza or the common cold.  We are all in this together!

Thanks for your support, understanding & camaraderie over the past two seasons.  We are fortunate to be amongst so many thoughtful, respectful Oregonians.  Onward!!!



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