3/15/20 Glides of March Strava Race

February 20, 2020

3/15/20 Glides of March Strava Race

Teacup will be holding the Second Annual Glides of March.  Glides of March is a 10.3KM Strava based race (timed event) on Sunday March 15th, 2020. If you are not familiar with Strava, it is a social fitness app that can track a fitness activity using GPS data. The race or timed event is an individual activity where the racer times and tracks themselves around the designated course with the Strava app. We had positive feedback from last year’s race and are excited to do it again.  We hope racers will enjoy the friendly competition. Prizes will consist of bragging rights and recognition on Teacup social media. Plus, we'll see if we can dig up some Teacup swag.

 The basic instructions are:

  1. Register on WebScorer and make sure you have a Strava app available (https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=209043)
  2. Check out the course.
  3. When you get to the start, March 15, turn your Strava app on, and then race the course. When you get to the end of the course, turn off your Strava app.

 Registration is at https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=209043

The race is not a mass start format and all trails will be open to skiers throughout the day on March 15th. We ask that all participants be aware that there will be non-racers on the course and the trails will be open to all. Racers should use caution when passing others. This is a friendly race and not worth injuring yourself or others.

Below is a rough map of the course.