2020-2021 Junior Season Racing Updates

November 13, 2020

2020-2021 Junior Season Racing Updates

Junior Racing Notes

Last Updated 13th Nov 2020


The PNSA calendar on their website has not yet been updated to reflect these changes, but it is important for all of you to know this information.

Race dates have been changed, and the points system for qualifying as well.

Points earned to qualify for the PNSA team going to the Championship are only earned at PNSA Qualifier events. The mid-January Super Q/FIS event at Soldier Hollow will be held, but will not count in team selection. Most PNSA teams are likely to not attend this event. 

Waxing: In addition to a requirement to have athlete's skis able to test free of fluorocarbon, PNSA has adopted the Intermountain policy of requiring everyone at a PNSA Qualifier to use the same glide wax, with the glide wax to be used announced a minimum of two days prior to the event. The glide wax choice is limited to Swix HS5, HS6, and HS8. Plan ahead!

USSS is promising to have a few surprise spot checks at USSS sanctioned races to randomly test athlete's skis.


1. Mount Bachelor January 11/12

Note that this is a Monday/Tuesday! Also, there will be many restrictions on time of arrival and for parking reservations (yes, a parking spot has to be reserved 24 hours in advance!). 

  • Monday will be a 3k/5k/10k/10k (U14/U16/U18F/U18M) Classic
  • Tuesday will be 3k/5k (U14/U16-18) Skate

2. Methow January 30/31

  • Saturday 2.5k skate
  • Sunday 3k/5k/10k/10k Classic

3. Spokane February 12-14

Yes, this is a Fri/Sat/Sun event - Washington state restricts athletic events to be completed in a 3 hour time slot, so the sprint qualifying rounds will be Friday afternoon with Saturday some sort of heats (might be individual starts, dual starts, or possibly up to 6 in a heat). 

  • Friday/Saturday, Classic sprint
  • Sunday Skate 5k/10k/15k (U16/U18F/U18M). No U14 at Spokane

4. Western Divisions Championships

There is a Western Divisions Championships in the planning stages for March 9-14, at Soldier Hollow, Utah

Note that all venues will not be able to offer indoor race facilities, and spectators will be restricted. 

But there will hopefully be racing!

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