Summer Learn to Roller Ski Clinics

What: Introduction to roller skiing, with available roller skis to use during the clinic. An 1.5-2 hour clinic on safe practices, control and balance on roller skis, and additional information on modern ski technique in conjunction with efficient movement patterns with practicitioners from Move Better Chiropractic.  

To read more about roller skiing safely, check out this blog post from Coach Karl. 

Who: This is not a "learn to ski" lesson. Participants should be comfortable with on-snow ski technique, this clinic is about how to transfer those skills (safely!) to dryland training. While the emphasis is on skate skiing, the skills addressed in the clinic will benefit either style.

What to bring: Participants will need to provide their own skate boots and poles. Boots must be of NNN style binding type to fit the available roller skis. Please see the attached diagram if you are uncertain of what boot/binding type you have. Poles will need to be of high quality "track" type (ideally roller ski ferrels), as it is imperative that the poles have basket tips made of carbide steel (found on all performance level XC poles). Bike helmets are mandatory, and gloves are highly advised. Other safety equipment (elbow, knee pads, ect) will not be frowned upon. We have a limited number of both roller skis and coaches, a reservation is required. Mountain Shop has rental full roller ski set ups available. If you have your own roller skis or get a rental set up and just want the clinic, please still register and kindly email

You know that Nordic skiing challenges your balance, aerobic and muscular systems.  Being able to access the muscles that able to accomplish the task most efficiently is important whether you are trying to go fast, ski pain free, or prevent injury.  Move Better Chiropractic has added movement cues to prep the body for skiing. After working on cueing the ideal muscles to use, we will transition these patterns to the roller skis. 


Ft Cascade Trailhead Parking lot and surrounding area.

Marine Drive- Broughton Beach Parking lot and bike path 

Both places are quiet areas, but not a closed courses and we will be working to be mindful of traffic and other users.  

When: Clinic to begin at 9:00 AM. Please arrive early to get geared up. 

For questions please email directly-