Fall Dry Land Program 2021

Get fit for the upcoming ski season!  

This fall we are excited to offer more coaching, more sessions (3x per week) and more community for all-ages. This is all in response to the feedback we received from you last spring.  

Want to learn how to ski better?  Dryland drills will give you the knowledge and strength needed.

Have a racing goal?  Join us to stay motivated and train.  

Want to stay motivated as the rain moves in? Get outside with friends feeling healthy & connected!

The action starts September 29th and runs thru the end of November. Locations will be varied across Portland and Hood River to keep it spicy.  Some days we will be able to offer congruent workouts in Hood River and Portland.  


Wednesdays @ 5pm  

Drills, movements and running to boost your muscular strength and improve balance and flexibility. About an hour. 


Saturdays @ 9AM  

Trail running & bounding with poles on shorter loops to enable technique and form tips.  About 1.5 hours.  

Sundays @ 9AM  

Roller ski workout; technique or speed, as you like.  Don’t roller ski?  No problem, let us know and we will have a pair to try.  About 1.5 hours.

Our coaching team will provide you with a generalized training plan that has suggested daily workouts so you can continue to train on your own.  We encourage everyone to reach out the coaching team in order to adapt this the program to your level and preferences.  

Every training day is open to all ages!

Cost: $50 per person for the entire dry land season.  Our activities are intended to work well for all abilities, from Novice to Expert (not recommended for beginners).  


Unsure or have more questions? Shoot Coach Kelly an email kelly@teacupnordic.org

Some additional info regarding practices in the near future.  If you want to check it out before committing- Shoot Coach Kelly an email. 

1. We will use Mt Tabor for the first couple weeks' Wednesday and Saturday sessions.  Some things to bring-
  • running or hiking footwear.  Trail running shoes are best.  It is good to have some traction and support but be light enough to maintain mobility. 
  • Bounding poles.  Typically these are a fairly stiff but relatively inexpensive ski poles that are a little shorter than your normal classic poles.  Just below breast line.  If you are unsure, bring your classic poles.  but I do encourage you to get another pair if possible because the baskets take a beating.  Adjustable hiking poles will limit some of the exercises and movements we will work on, so ski poles are best.
2. Sunday rollerski workouts will take place at the Marine Drive mixed use path. I've gotten a lot of questions concerning roller skiing which is totally normal.  It holds its own little aura. 
  • We will have roller skis to try out. Just let me know as some of you have.  Also tell me if you want skate skis or classic.  But you need to bring boots, and I don't believe we can accommodate Salomon boots.  Ours are NNN binding types.  If you have questions about this, let me know. 
  • We will have some poles but it is a good idea to bring yours.  Also the poles are slightly different,  They use a very sharp and hard tip.  Using your regular baskets can be done but they will be ruined fairly quickly. Again if you have questions, let me know.  
  • Protective gear- Helmets are required.  Knee pads, elbow pads, long finger gloves suggested.  Roller skiing is an inherently dangerous, falling is a real possibility.  We will go slow and just be as careful as we can. No hills to begin with!
  • For those of you who have rollerskied, we will break into groups.
Mt Tabor meeting spot

Places to source equipment
OMC gear-  Local online company- I am happy to help you choose gear. 

Hopefully that helps you plan ahead a little.  I anticipate we will spend some time sorting out gear before we get into the swing of things, and that is totally fine!
Send any other questions my way, see you soon!

COVID: Our coaching staff is fully vaccinated.  All activities will be outside where we can keep our distance.  We will follow Oregon Health Authority and USSS sport specific guidance.