2021-2022 Adult winter Program

  • Eligible ages: 18+ 
  • Schedule: Whenever grooming starts until grooming ends(generally sometime in November-Sometime in April)  Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and Wednesday evening 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm at Teacup. Bring a headlamp!  Training will differ based on each individual’s goals, and will change based on time of season and weather conditions. Some workouts may be held with the Junior Development skiers.
  • Sunday workout will offer one hour of coach led technique work.  This will be followed by a group ski with a focus of building endurance, developing trail craft, and exploring the nuances of Nordic skiing. 
  • Wednesday evening is a high intensity interval training intended to give you a great mid week workout.  
  • Participants will receive access to a generalized training plan complete with endurance and strength workouts to do at home meant to build to several goals throughout the season.  
  • Race participation is not required, but is encouraged! Coaching and wax technician support may be available at some races per coaching discretion.  You may purchase a Teacup Nordic race suit and clothing to show your support!
  • Workouts can be done in either classic or skating disciplines however discipline suggestions will be made for each day and the coaching staff encourages you to explore both disciplines. 
  • Our highly trained and experienced coaching staff is led by USSS certified coaches and have a variety of ski and athletic experience.
  • By purchasing this program, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of Teacup Nordic's Waiver and Liability Release
  • Questions?  Email kelly@teacupnordic.org